“Become An Instructor”

Becoming an instructor can happen at any point of one’s life- it can be fitted seamlessly into your work and you will realize that you are helping others to move forward professionally or helping them to be more at ease with themselves and their surroundings, or to find the right expression for something. 

Aspiring instructors wishing to take up teacher training jobs or becoming corporate trainers or leadership trainers. We are helping not only in the growing numbers  of exceptional facilitators, but also helping to evolve people as professionals who help organizations to realize human potential and implement changes wherever required. Our course [programs] aims at helping to gain focus and clarify purpose. It helps to discover practical ideas and course of action, which can be implemented successfully into real life situations 

Becoming an instructor whether it be in the form of a trainer or a teacher, one must cultivate a few teaching techniques and strategies like

Positive Body Language:

This includes maintaining eye contact, keeping the communication interesting, using the correct body posture while interacting with candidates, among other things.

Active Listening:

Again it is all about making a person feel comfortable in your presence. Using of encouragement and paying attention.

Paraphrasing and Summarizing:

Focus on the key words and keep the attention on the discussion.

Offering Encouragement:

Increase the comfort level in the group by making each member feel appreciated for his or her contribution.


Role of an instructor at times is to listen to the opinions and ideas of others and encourage them to express as well as share before expressing his/her own opinions. At times it also means refereeing in a difficult situation which calls for tact and diplomacy, especially in a heterogeneous group of participants. 


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Learning strategies

Learning strategies or study skills determine the approach for achieving the learning objectives. The strategies are usually tied to your needs and interests to enhance learning and are based on many types of learning styles.

Here are some strategies that can help you be successful in your studies.

Set small, achievable goals

Start with small steps to reach higher targets.

For example, try to learn 5 new English vocabulary items every day.

Set a 30 minutes study session every day.

Learn the lyrics of an English song every now and then.

Read a short English text every day.

Setting small targets is much better than setting huge goals that you cannot achieve. Remember that “small drops of water make the mighty ocean”

Plan your studies

Planning your studies gives meaning to your work. If you know all the steps necessary to achieve a goal and these steps are written down on a piece of paper, it will be easy for you, then, to see the whole picture.

Be motivated

The secret to success is that you should be motivated to learn. Try to avoid boredom by having fun in what you do. Try to find a positive aspect to studying English.

Read about what you are interested (hobbies, fields of interest…) in English.

Watch your favorite films in English

Listen to your favorite English songs and learn the lyrics

Write your diary in English.

Read about your favorite stars in English websites…

Remember, we learn better and fast things we really want to learn.

Manage your time

In order to manage your time successfully, having an awareness of what your goals are will assist you in prioritizing your activities. Time management provides you with the opportunity to create a schedule that works for you, not for others. This personal attention gives you the flexibility to include the things that are most important to you.

Set a reward for yourself

Set a reward for yourself that you can look forward. For example, when you reach a goal, give yourself a reward:

  1. Watch a movie.
  2. A delicious snacks.
  3. Meet your friends.
  4. Go to the café.
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We are pleased to inform you that the Deshpande Fellowship Program is now receiving applications for tenth batch. Deshpande fellowship program was begun in order to empower a major untapped resource in the development field: hungry young people with plenty of potential to go for in their field who are held back only by their skills and self- confidence. DFP seeks change that and help participate to realize the true potential and ambitions.

This rigorous 7½ month residential leadership development program,Through NGOs visits, village studies, entrepreneurial and Leadership activities and intensive course work, fellows gain skills needed to become true leaders in their chosen field.

With a concentration on social entrepreneurship and innovation, the DFP has transformed over 200 fellows into entrepreneurial young leaders. Kindly spread the words with your colleagues, friends and who interested to become part of the Fellowship Program.

Interested one apply directly by using attached application or can be downloaded from online-http://www.dfp.org.in/.

For more information you can reach us at fellowship@dfmail.org or 9740011883

We look forward to hear from you soon.

Note: Last date for application will be 28.11.2012, Hurry to apply!

Master of Social Entrepreneurship program launched by Deshpande Education Trust’s Deshpande Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Hubli, India

Master of Social Entrepreneurship program launched by Deshpande Education Trust’s Deshpande Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Hubli, India

The Deshpande Education Trust (DET) announces the launch of its Master of Social Entrepreneurship program. The Master of Social Entrepreneurship (MSE) is a two-year residential program affiliated with Karnatak University Dharwad and approved by the Government of Karnataka.  MSE offers students essential skills in social innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership development and business practice taught by scholars and practitioners who actively engage in leading enterprises and promoting entrepreneurship. Applications for the program are due July 30th 2012 and courses will begin August 22nd 2012. For more information on the program and admissions process: www.detmse.com

What makes MSE program special?  With an aim to demystify social entrepreneurship for young and creative minds this residential program is carefully designed from a practitioner’s perspective. MSE is hosted by Deshpande Center for Social entrepreneurship (DCSE) that has been a breeding ground of several start-ups, an international network of enterprises and concrete partnerships with over 100 for profits and not –for profits who all are engaged in solving social issues with a compassionate heart and entrepreneurial mind set.

Two year program is packaged with 25 different courses that blend with cutting edge practical experience as well as personal mentorship through real entrepreneurs. Our international experience in US and Canada where Deshpande centers have been launched in renowned universities with a sole objective to make “learning relevant and responsive to real time challenges” and embark on an even more ambitious aim to help students not just ‘learn’ about entrepreneurship but find the inspirations and tools of becoming an entrepreneur themselves. Learn more about our international work at http://www.detmse.com/network.html

Faculty Profile: One of the distinguishing factors of the Deshpande Center for Social Entrepreneurship is its faculty and resource personals. DCSE is gifted with passionate faculty with substantial experience in the social enterprise and related sectors at a global level. For more information http://www.detmse.com/trainer.html

Who should join MSE?  Graduates in any field who are looking to step into creating or managing a social enterprise themselves. People who are passionate about social issues but still possess an entrepreneurial acumen to venture into innovative and yet sustainable initiatives. We are pleased to share that being located DCSE MSE program brings an added advantage of possibility of getting incubated in our Entrepreneur in Residence program, an incubation centre where several other start-ups will accompany you as you chart the journey of developing a small idea into a big impact. Through our established network of organizations, placement support will be provided to students in both for profit and social enterprises. 

How to apply?
Application can be downloaded at our website. For complete details please visit www.detmse.com    . Seats are limited and deadline for us to receive application is 31st July 2012. 

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About EnglishHelper Education Technologies [P] Ltd.

About EnglishHelper

EnglishHelper offers the best-in-class technology solution to improve English language proficiency. Our products simplify the learning process, and remove the stress and pain of learning English. EH’s goal is to help students, professionals and others to achieve a high level of proficiency in English.

Our unique research-based products have been developed by experts in the English language, and in Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics. They have been proven to be effective over decades of use all over the world.

Our methodology is differentiated, intuitive and proven, for quick and easy development of English language skills. We allow for learning in your context, whether it is your school, business or vocation.

EnglishHelper[EH] is headquartered in Boston, USA. It was founded in 2009, by Dr. Venkat Srinivasan, who is also the Chairman and CEO. For more details you can visit our website www.englishhelper.co.in


READ TO ME™ is an easy to use software that addresses language and literacy difficulties. The software can read virtually any document through a sophisticated text-to-speech reader, which has a rich array of features to help improve the user’s retention, comprehension, fluency, pronunciation, diction, vocabulary and all the essential aspects of reading. RTM is targeted at schools, institutions teaching the English language and homes.

RTM is content independent. It can read aloud any word document or documents converted into a special, proprietary format. The highlights of RTM are:

  • Transforms reading into an interactive rather than a passive process
  • Dual highlighting of words  helps improve reading fluency, speed, comprehension and retention, as well as vocabulary development
  • Looks up unfamiliar words in the inbuilt dictionary
  • Includes a unique feature for correct pronunciation & syllabification
  • Contains a spelling guide and Thesaurus
  • Has in-built writing and editing tools such as spellcheck, word prediction and auditory spelling of words
  • Feature to familiarize a user with homophones and confusable words

“Unlike other CD-ROM programmes that are currently available, RTM integrates a sophisticated text to speech reader which is content independent and has a rich array of features which makes learning an interactive process”.


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EnglishHelper Education technologies (P) Ltd.


EnglishHelper Education Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

About EnglishHelper:

EnglishHelper offers innovative products and world-class service that address the English Language training needs of educational institutions as well as industry. We are authorized resellers for one of the world’s leading providers of study-aids for English Language Learning.

Unique Technology Capability:

EH is an authorized reseller of K3000 from Cambium Learning, America’s leading provider of educational resources designed to supplement the curriculum, specializing in literacy and focusing on English Language learners. K3000 forms the basis of EnglishHelper’s reading and comprehension solution- “READ TO ME”
Apart from its reading and comprehension solution, EH also has the benefit of a proprietary, powerful, artificial-intelligence based technology specifically designed to improve writing in English called “WRITING ASSISTANT”.

Highly Skilled Team:

EH has a highly skilled team both in the U.S. and in India (with country headquarters in Boston and New Delhi, respectively). Members of its management team have considerable exposure in the BPO sector, English as a second language (ESL), corporate training fields and bring together insights from extensive academic research and practical experience.
EH’s lesson plans have been developed by a team of English Language Experts (senior school teachers and college professors) with an aggregated experience of 90 years between them!


EH can help teachers in schools, and trainers in companies create their own training materials, using the acclaimed software of Kurzweil 3000. This makes the content highly customized and extremely relevant.

  • EnglishHelper has recently entered the Indian market with its technology solution to improve English Language    Proficiency.
  • We (EnglishHelper) has two products sets


  • READ TO ME – Has been successfully launched in Delhi, in a controlled geographical area.
  • It has been proved to be effective in new Schools and home users.
  • WRITING ASSISTANT- Is still in BETA. We plan to roll out the public BETA in Q4.

EnglishHelper offers the best products on the market today for learning English. Our products simplify the learning process and remove the stress and pain of learning English.
EH’s goal is to help students, professionals and others to achieve a high level of proficiency in English.

For more details visit http://www.englishhelper.co.in

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Send Off party for Elisha..

Today 06-07-2010 we did send off for our English instructor Miss. Elisha.. Since from 5 months she tought  English grammar, presentation, stage courage etc

Really through five months she worked hard and made us one good English communicator.

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Hastakala Visit

All the fellows were went to visit Hastakala at Mekkalmardi. Here they are preparing fashionable bags and selling to the abroad, because there they have huge demand of this bags. Even though in India there is demand, but bags are very costly and people are unable to purchase.

Through this I came to know that how to do market analysis and to create market demand in abroad as well as in India. They have order for two years. Really they are doing an amazing job of making fashionable bags.

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Junior Michael Jackson

It was conducted in the tribute of  Michael Jackson. We planned well divided our role and responsibilities. It was learning by the dog show it really worked. . Organizer Mr Sunil could have been in touch with us. He didn’t ask any fellow or discussed at last movement he took help of fellows. It was nothing negative it gave learning to us that we  should be over-confident and team work should there, without that it is not possible to do.

From this activity what I understood is the planning and the implementation both are different context, here external influence more than the internal we can sell all the program tickets successfully but the response of audience to attend the show we cants ensure that, friends and relatives can be follow up, and convince to come but the people whom we don’t know we can force them.

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Dog Show..

Cohort 4 fellows organized fund-raising activity which was Dog premier league. It was a dog competition different type of breeds was selected for the competition. Total 110 to 120 dogs participated. The program was well planed and well-managed by all the fellows. All were busy in fulfilling their duty, no one was ideal. The crowd was unexpected. The judges also unexpected. The commentary was very nice, he was explaining about the breeds, health concern, food typology and what are the important points that the dog owner should take care of dog. The media coverage was done by the local news papers. It was covered in suvarna News channel.

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It was a fund raising activity by one of the Fellow from Deshpande Foundation. It was classical dance program It was a small effort to remember out own culture own traditions. from different places of Karnataka to participate in program. Morning session was for the junior students, who are learning junior course of dance.  Post lunch session was for the Seniors. The judges were Rukmini and Pashwanath  from Bangalore. They are the fresh and very popular classical dancer. They given many dance programs in different countries. It was our privilege to have them as judge for the beautiful program. Today I came to know that still our culture is being respected and practiced by the people in India. The involvement and the excitement of the gurus who tough dance to the participants. Really all the fellows were enjoyed a lot in this event.

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Guest Speaker Mr. Venu Gopal

He is retired professor of law college. he also served Vivekananda institute of leadership development.  Mysore. At present he is working with number of professional courses in Karnataka. It was mind-blowing session for us. really he didn’t talk about entrepreneurship or how to develop those characteristics. But he mentioned how should be an entrepreneur. While starting session, he asked are you ready? we usually say yes. But he objected that don’t be ready for any thing. It shows or indicates that you are pre conceptual for the session.we expect some limited things or limit our expectations to some extend. It is nothing but creating safe zone for our self.

First day he explained “ORGANISE” He expand it and explained about that. O stands for Outlook, R- responsibility, G-gain, A-ability, N- Novelty, S – spiritual, The half day session was all about that. “Organizing is nothing but humanizing”. as an entrepreneur we have to organize people or their capability and resource. Responsibility is nothing but commitment towards work which we do. If we are working for out boss or promotion it is impossible to get satisfaction in life.

Gain it doesn’t mean that we need to gain something. we have to put effort that others we have to make capable that they can gain  something and they remember us for ever. like this it was a wast topic to understand and grasp it.

Second day we had a brain storming session by him, only it was our opportunity to have them for two-day as a guest speaker. Fear was the discussion topic. Fear is nothing but “False expectation apprehended realities” its nothing but escaping from the reality. not ready to face problems. by doing like this we are making our self  sadist .As a trainer we have to make people fearless, help them to realize their capacity and make them independent. It really made me to understand why I fear what should I do to get out of this problem?  really am very  thankful to him.

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Accounting Classes

Accounting everyone should know,it is very much necessary for me to maintain my income and expenditure. But here I came to know as an entrepreneur if I start my own business then I can keep accountant for me. at least I should have the knowledge which will help to save myself being cheated by others. and at least i can understand balance sheet. I thank Miss. Rashmi To taking class on accounts. If I am emphasizing here about balance sheet means now I know what it is and its importance?

Today is 3rd day of Accounts class today we successfully complied. In these three days I understood about what do we mean by account? Why it is needed? who are the users? What will be the output of accounts or maintain accounts? Accounting concepts?  guidelines for the accounting? Rules of debit and credit? and at last learned and practiced accounting process.

Specially and in detail about Journalisation of transaction, Posting in the ledger accounts, Preparation of trail balance and lastly preparation of final accounts.

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Guest Speaker Mr. Mahantesh (Samarthanam)

He is founder of Samarthanam NGO which is working for Physically challenged people. According to him taking more care of that person and discriminating him/her are both same, giving them comport.“Serving isolation keep them away from main stream”. he was inspired by his father he always use to say “Knowledge is Power” So he struggled a lot to give him an academic education which all normal children get. He has completed his M. Phil from Bangalore university. while talking he told that disables are denied, they have opportunity to address the demand and need of this community.

By this vision he started his organization in 1996 February 26. they convinced colleges to admit disable people to get education.later they construed boys and girl hostel, and exclusive education program.the first blind accountant was the result of his effort. they have cultural team which perform at international level. His aim is that the disable people also start to contribute to Tax of the country.

Samarthanam believes in creating opportunity. at present they are implementing this. recently they have invigorated Call center for disables. only they will work. he say we have to create opportunity to our self and to others.  It was really surprising to see that how much they creative and making them selves  dependent. He says that if we are not using your any part of body then it is waste.

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Sub-Sector Analysis

We had a first visit to the field on sub sector of analysis.  Before this we had 2 days class on that, by Mr. Athani. who is professionally veterinary doctor. But later he got an interest to work in livelihood and at present he is working as Consultant for many organizations which are working for livelihood sector. Me and my team had mango as commodity, on which we have to do survey. We interacted with 20 to 25 different people. some of them were vendors, seller, and shop keepers. later we met wholesaler in APMC yard. where we collected all information about prize, quality and farmers. It was very helpful to us to understand what really market is? He explained from where it will imported  and how market will be created to those verity of mango etc.

At the last day we have to come up with the channels from where product moves and through which different way it reaches consumers. That map we have to draw. This study will help us to start our own business where market demand plays important role and this will help us to understand more deeply.

It is a picture of Idga market. where we talked with retailers and shop keepers.

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NGO Visits

Family planning association of India is working with health sector specially in rural area. It was initiated by 4 women in 1949 in Mumbai, by helping slum people. Later it worked on population control. It has a membership in IPPS. Which found and work with this type of organization world-wide. At present they are getting found from government and NGO also. from deshpande foundation they are getting found and working on Gutaka in selected villages.

Baal Balaga it is school which was started in 2000. which is having its own methodology to work with children first they started only LKG, every year they increased one standered. Here all children are individually focused by the teacher. children use to call teacher as uncle and aunty, to make sure that their relationship is good and close where children can learn more. learning by doing is the principle they follow to teach. state syllabus is being followed by them. The environment surrounding the school make children to involve in every activity.

The entrance or exit to the school are very different where children can do some physical activity and also enjoy each movement. they have a board rather than wall, where they can write. library is full of books it may be environment, GK, stories of legends etc. I felt these all are nesusury for the development of the child in each aspect.

BCT this NGO is working for different programs but in Kalgattagi It is working with school. where they are focusing on HIV.AIDS infected and effected children as well as sex workers children. to make sure that they should not be discriminated they added some children from general population. here they are supporting them in school home works and taking extra classes for the improvements. selected children are getting Life Skill Education training to understand what skill they need to develop to improve the living style and protect themselves from other problems.

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Guest Speaker Mr.Tikot

Mr. Tikot is CEO for Vidya Poshak.  His full name is Mr. Raghvendra, he is from  small village  name called Tikot near Bijapur.  He worked as professor for 28 years in hubli Dharwad and in chikkodi. Small incident made him to take imitative and work for poor students. He shared his experience of starting Vidya Poshak. while talking he told that what are the quality should entrepreneur have. Innovativeness is a small thing which happens in small situations. some time we were not able to identify them. to start an organization we should have skill or experience in development sector If we start to struggle to become number 1. it will divert your concentrate from your goal and achievement. by this we have more chance to become a failure. So if we build out own brand. doing good activities which give an identification by itself. those activities will introduce you, you no need to;

Networking plays an important role in building organization.Apart from this they explained how Vidya Poshak is working. It is very honest and smart working NGO which is focusing on the community which was not focused by others. It make them to stand. Acoording to him an entrepreneur should come up with that type of ideas. Really it his session made to think of my future like him, I need to commit..

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Guest Speaker Session Through Skype

It was very nice to have a guest speaker session through Skype. We had a great person by name Mr. Madan Rai. He is from Khotan Dist, near Mount Everest. He finished his each degree from different university and places. B.Sc in India, P G in Horticulture UK, he got a scholarship for this.  From beginning it self he had interest to serve the community. but his parents told him to make sure that his children are settled, then he can do anything. now since from 7 years he is full-time social entrepreneur. before this he was working indirectly some time part-time.

Now he has his own infrastructure where he is implementing different activities. He has Improving employment and livelihood it is big achievement. shelter where people can work as employ and get work to do. To develop people in technology  he is introducing course where they can learn about software, hardware in which they can become more efficient and produce more.

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Logical Frame Work..

We had privilege to have Mr. Prakash Bhatt as Module Instructor. It is all about how really project starts. It is nothing but a problem solving process, It is the reason why project takes place in a particular place. Identification of problem, searching the cause for it, planing activities and implementing , measuring the out come and visible impact, evaluation and planing for next activities.

which can help planer and managers.  It will What project is going to achieve? what activities will be carried out to achieve its outputs and purpose? what resource are required? what are the potential problem which could affect the success of the success? here we have some indicators by which we can measure the outcome. It is objectively verifiable  indicators (OVI)

There are two kinds of  indicators; process indicator it explain specified activity, time, process of activity. Second one is impact indicator where we can see how many people were benefited by the program what is the outcome. Third, Direct indicator which show the continuity. Indirect indicator means registers, attendance. Means of verification  means the supporting documents to cross check or to prove it.

It will help budding entrepreneurs who want to start their own organization and work on projects.

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Noel de Villers

It was great session for all of us. As a budding entrepreneur we need this type of reflections. He is a person who started his social entrepreneurship in his 26th age. He shared his experience of 50 to 60 years. He emphasis that money is very important to start any type of business. His statement were very much strong these were not from any book only experienced can say those. He explained about his enterprise which is working with local community, in Eco tourism.   ( Open Africa ) by this the people are getting income which is helping them to lead their life. he used the word “guts” He told that entrepreneur should have guts to work without profit in starting couple of years.

While talking we can easily observe his disciple.  It was his father Idea, he worked on it and he told that ” follow your heart and dream to make your self success.

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Logical Fram Work

Logical Fram Work

It was the first module of this month. We had privilege to have Mr. Prakash Bhatt as Module Instructor. It is all about how really project starts. It is nothing but a problem solving process, It is the reason why project takes place in a particular place. Identification of problem, searching the cause for it, planing activities and implementing , measuring the out come and visible impact, evaluation and planing for next activities.

Totally it is nothing but an analytic, presentational and management tool. which can help planer and managers.  It will summarize in standard format – What project is going to achieve? what activities will be carried out to achieve its outputs and purpose? what resource are required? what are the potential problem which could affect the success of the success? here we have some indicators by which we can measure the outcome. It is objectively verifiable  indicators (OVI)

There are two kinds of  indicators; process indicator it explain specified activity, time, process of activity. Second one is impact indicator where we can see how many people were benefited by the program what is the outcome. Third, Direct indicator which show the continuity. Indirect indicator means registers, attendance. Means of verification  means the supporting documents to cross check or to prove it.

It will help budding entrepreneurs who want to start their own organization and work on projects

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Mr.Chamanlal IPS

Mr.Chamanlal  IPS

Today we had Mr. Chamanlal as a guest lecturer. He is government official but even thou he is interested in social development activities.

  • IPG in charge, operation black thunder (1988) at golden temple Amritsar which resulted in peaceful surrender of 146 hard-core terrorist
  • Director BSF academy, tekanpur (Gwalior)
  • Additional director general, border security force
  • DGP Nagaland

Right now he is working in Human rights commission. He shared his views on social development and some other concepts. Like the argent behavior it may be in government official or NGO Staff it was his experience where he saw that they were suppose to do service. They should work with humanity with the community for whom they are working.

While working in Village the NGO should introduce, their new technology as well as respect the ancestor wisdom with which they are working now. It is an indigenous technology of village and farmers. when the NGO works in village or with particular community they should be accountable for the beneficiary as well as Donner’s. and the financial achievement should mach with the physical achievement.

At the end of his speech he differentiated the managerial skills with the leadership skills. As a leader the person should give priority to himself at last.

It was very great that he is serving the society. now he was awarded for  “Padmasri”

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N.M. Biradar


We had a Guest speaker on 29th April. by name Mr, N.M.Birader. He had completed  his Bachelors in commerce and M.Phil. As well as he gone under a IAS coaching in Bangalore. He didn’t pass that exam. Later he came back to his native and started his own Chalukya coaching center for the people who are facing exams for High school and Primary school teacher. On that time he had hut to tack class, 20 rented plastic chairs and 7 students with 2500 investment. For 4 to 5 years he didn’t get any profit from his investment, later he was identified and selected on the base of his performance because whom he taught  for 4 to 5 years those were selected for Government job in hug number. He worked as accountant but he was not satisfied he left his job also. came to his institution.

Right now his annual income is 2.5 caror rupees with 120 staff . Coaching for IAS, KAS ,High school, Primary school teacher examinations,  Chalukya publication, 5 science college, every year 9000 students were getting coaching. One unique thing is Biradar is paying 80% of his income as teachers salary.

In his interaction he shared that for his institution quality is important not income. He never saw it as business. It was his passion and now also.  He said “when you are moving forward don’t look back after reaching your destiny don’t forget to look back. ” i was able to see his commitment and bounding which he had towards his work. Most of his students getting appointed. he shared his experience as well as his idea about to run the existing institution. I learned that as an entrepreneur we never lose our hope. Our effort and passion will show it result one day.

By vishwanathbk


We had  guest speaker on Sunday, 11th April 2010.  He is CEO of  “I create” He explained about an entrepreneur. He explained about how to make use to run our business.

For problem solving  we have to go through these steps…..

Collecting information  ( resource, compitator, legal issues, demand and market as well as status.) So this will help us to understand everything about market and the product which we want to introduce.  after that He told to use some practice which we have to do. We have to work on idea, have to create opportunity or search and use it. proper planning on idea. later execution on that plan.

Later on  discussed on how the real entrepreneur should take the action..,

Have to Buy the raw material in low price.  Sell it in high price. Concentrating on the satisfactions of the customer.  Keeping good records.   these are principle to be an successful entrepreneur.    After this we were suggested to do one activity where we were divided in two teams as buyer and seller. there we have to convene the buyer to buy the laptops. there we discussed why some were win and some were failed there are some skills that we have to adopt as a entrepreneur.

By vishwanathbk

RTI Street Play..

There is module RTI,In this I learned lot and also I came to know lot of things in this RTI module.Through this module I can tell to many of the people about RTI.I can apply to the Government dept. to know the process of the dept,and the roles ans responsibilities of the officials in the organization. After learning in the class of RTI, here it was totally learning by doing,also applied SOU MOTO information 4(1)  to the govt.(RTO Office) official and also I got return back information from the RTO dept. Also applied for 6 (1) specific information to the dept. I applied for the Davangere University, davangere.

After the completion of the RTI module , we all went to do street play in the village called UNKAL village. So this was nice experience of doing street play in between the people. Here we all played skit on the RTI to aware  people. At two places of the village we all played the drama.

By vishwanathbk


TOPIC: Study on “Use of chemical fertilize in land” of Virapur village.

Virapur village is situated in Dharwad district 24kms away. Virapur village comes under Ramapur Gram Panchayat; in this panchayat 4 villages are covered. Total population of this village is 975 and total number of households 196. In this village, villagers are depended on Agriculture like Sugarcane, Maze, paddy, cotton etc. Total Agriculture land is 400 hectors and total animals are 350.

Before the study we know the villagers are using more chemical fertilizer in their land but we don’t know what purpose they are using the chemical fertilizer and why they are not using organic compost .In this study people are having one think is, it is available in market and it save the time also .the people are they are not ready to take the risk for preparing organic compost,

Majority of the village farmers are using chemical fertilizers in their field. After my village study, I came to know that the chemical fertilizer is harmful to soil as well as crop also. Through these farmers get good yield, in the long period it badly effect on the soil.


1. To know about the practice of using compost in Virapur village for agriculture.
2. To know how it is impacting on their livelihood.
3. To know how much yield they are getting through chemical fertilize.

1. Farmers are using chemical fertilizers in the village.
2. Chemical fertilizer is user friendly and gives more yields.
3. Farmers can get more qualitative crop in short time.
4. Its effect is sooner than compost.
5. Easily accessible in market, and save time.

1. Personal Interview.
2. Group Discussion.
3. Home Visit.

1. Majority of the farmers are using chemical fertilizers.
2. Majority of  farmers get chemical fertilize from private shops or market.
3. Majority of farmers told using chemical fertilize they get more yield.
4.  Majority of Farmers told the impact of chemical fertilizers to their land, which  will loose its fertility in future.
5. Majority of them use chemical fertilize because of less available of  organic compost.
6. Less number of farmers are using mixture of cow dung and waste fodder compost for their land.

1. I came to know that people are aware about effects of chemical fertilize.
2. I came to know how the farmers grow more qualitative crop in shorter time.
3. I learned that organic compost takes more time to mix with soil at beginning.
4. I learned both chemical and organic compost gives difference in yield.
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Here our intention is to bring no. of students for Fellowship Program,so Mr.Chinnababu allotted me to go and presented at Belgaum. On 29th of March I went to Belgaum for the marketing of DFP-5 at Tukkanatti.There I met Mr.Jirlimath principal of “BIRDS” MSW college Tukkanatti.I was just a follower for Miss Uma and Shivkanya. I told all the students of MSW and BSWs to apply for the Fellowship Program,even told that this is good opportunity to build your carrier. All the students were exited to apply for it.

Later on I went to Kalloli Arts college. There I told about the Deshpande Fellowship Program, Students of this college were unaware about this program. So I presented them ppt on DFP marketing-5. All of them came to know what the course is about.

On 30-03-2010 went to Belgaum, there I met Lingaraj arts and college and later RLS college. There I presented for B.Sc final students regarding Fellowship Program.

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On 10th march 2010 we all cohort-4 fellows went to NGOs visit at Dharwad and Hubli. There we collected information regarding 4 NGOs. They are, Akshaya Patra, Agastya foundation, Toxic links, Samarthanam.


At first it was started in the year 2000 at Bangalore and later started in hubli/Dharwad region. It was initiated by,

Their main intension is to provide “unlimited food for education” They started as pilot project in five schools in Bangalore and feeding 1,500 children’s. Now it has grown and reaching out to million children’s across India. They are getting fund from state and central government. For the sustainability they are raising funds from localities, companies and also they are having online fund-raising strategy.

The menu of food is based on the areas. Like, in south people eat rice item. So in Karnataka it is rice and sambar. In North India Chapatti and Bhaji. In hubli they are providing food for 800 schools. They have both centralized and decentralized kitchens that prepare nutritious meals in a secure manner to children at school, day after day. The cooked food is distributed to schools through heat-insulated, dust-free special vehicles which help retain the freshness of the meals. The food is packed in stainless steel containers and sent through vehicles to transport cooked food to the schools. There are 400 employees out of this 110 are women. They have a mission to reach 5 million children across India.


  • I learned how to maintain better quality.
  • I learned that huge machines can make less use of men power.


It is an International foundation which creating awareness among the rural children’s. It is providing awareness through mobile labs. It is totally focusing on education for those children who are not getting practical knowledge in schools. They are getting opportunity to do demo on which they are studying theoretically. Here children get trained on modules and they are having mobile lab instructor.

They prepare children to think creative and innovative.


  • I learned how much it is useful to rural children.
  • How we can address the focused problem by using different strategy.


It is totally about bio medical waste management, its national level NGO. It’s working in hubli/dharwad region and also in 8 HDMC hospitals. So here they provide different color bins to throw waste in it. Before this they used only one dust bins to throw the waste, here they focus on recycle of waste. They collect bio medical waste like, mercury in thermometer, syringes, and used cottons in bins. Even before this program they did KAP (Knowledge, Aptitude, Practice) so it helped to know lot regarding Bio medical waste and to implement.

Even they are providing safety kit like, goggle, gloves, gouns etc they collect all waste and within 48hour and dispose it.


  • I learned how the bio medical waste is harmful to every human being.
  • I learned that polythin bags are used and also been recycled.


Here the organization is providing education for physically challenged children. They provide computer literate training for children and make them fluent in it. And also help to build communication skills for them. It makes them to build their confident within them. Here they are getting accommodation facility.


  • I learned that they are able to overcome from their problem, which we say physically challenged and they had proved it.
  • I learnt that which type of focus we can give on them for their improvement.
  • How can we create a platform for their skills?
  • This type of programs help them to be economically independent.
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8th march 2010

Cohort-4 fellows of Deshpande fellowship Program conducted International Women’s day at Tadas village Haveri district.The program schedule is like this, Inauguration function, Training for SHGs regarding financial maintenance and general medical treatment for women.

Morning at 7am left to Tadas from Shivaleela,Their we did stage decoration and arrangement.Later went in village with all students for rally with some slogens.Then Inaugural session,Zilla panchayat president came as guest,taluka panchayat president also came and many more local leaders attended.All of them gave their own view on International Women’s Day.Pramila Jain(Social Worker) also came and joined later and gave speech on this particular day.Many SHGs members and School children’s were attended for program.

Later at evening all fellows went in village for street play, the script was on How women face problem after birth to till she get married and also after marriage.

Totally the Whole event was successful and everyone’s involvement was excellent.

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Creativity is an idea of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.Creativity is the mental process involving the discovery of new ideas or concepts.Creativity involves two processes: Thinking,then producing.Innovation or implementation of  an idea.If you have idea but,don’t act on them you are imaginative but not creative.
Creativity is process of bringing something new into being.Creativity requires passion and commitment.Out of creative something is born.


While in MSW I took initiative and decided that campus interview system should be brought in M.S.W department.Here,one day I  spoke with my friends and told about the thing,all of them shown their interest in this matter and next morning we went with our application and signature of all the students.Head of the Department said we have to think of this and should inform to university,I told I’ll wait for it.After one week good news awaiting for us from the university..
Myself and some friends went with Director to industries and told that,we (MSW HR) students need to work in industries.So yearly you can come to our college and have campus interview.I prepared everyone’s personal profile CD and sent to every local industry.So first year implemented on 2008,out of 30, 5 members selected in local industries.

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Azim Premji born on July 24 1945,a great indian entreprenuer.Chairman of Wipro technologies,richest indian for past several years  and also awarded as Padma Bhushan.

He is Chairman of Wipro Technologies, one of the largest software companies in India.He studies Electrical engineering in stanford university,USA.He took is responsibility of family business in 1966 at the age of 21.

Premji’s ability to handle business at such a young age and publicly advised him to sell his shareholdings and give it to a more mature management.Azim Premji made focused shift from soap to softwares.Because of him today Wipro technologies is the largest R&D service provider in the world.

Azim Premji was among the 50 richest people in the world from 2001 to 2003 listed by Forbes.In 2005,Government of India honored Azim Premji with Padma Bhushan.

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while tea break,one small puppy was following me..ha ha ha..!!!!

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Today i learnt about blog,creating account,publishing,updating and posting And in English class learnt about Present perfect and also about presentation.

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                       Here the writer described about the person who made revolutionary change in a sector and given an idea to others to think out of the box. Here MBA student gone through a bunch of articles on waste management, he quickly realized that there is a need for such services in India. Then he took initiative for waste management at grass root level and tried to generate electricity but due to technical reasons he left that idea. But he struggled and achieved what he dreamt.


                  It is very nice to read and imagine about that person who struggled to grow his company. Collecting the garbage from houses is not that much and he started with slowly and reached at high level. Completed MBA and used the skill of publishing by word of mouth and not even published in papers. The idea to start business in grass root was good but it didn’t happen because of some technical reasons. At the initial he got economical support from his father through which he can run his company efficiently. His company is getting good recovery year by year. A person who was as idea while doing MBA and now had reached in such a manner that his “DREAMS COMES TRUE” and also he never let down his dream..as an a entrepreneur I can learn that each idea looks stupid before we try and implement it but when all come to know about that and understand the use of thing they start to respect and demand starts for it. i Knew and I saw that every innovator teased by others an his first innovation

                                                                                             WRITTEN BY

                                                                                             PRANBIHANGA BORPUZARI

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Fellowship program is a unique opportunity for fellow to grow as good social entrepreneur.fellowship is inactive which helps or get learned to be a social entrepreneur.The program conducts interview for graduate students who have passion to do something.After selection process they start pre-training,in this course fellows get trained in IT and Communication. This program support the fellows to carry out their creative  ideas and develop their skills.Totally they concentrate on all characters which social entrepreneur must have while working in any development sector.

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Deshpande Foundation founded in the year 1996 by Jayashree and Gururaj Deshpande.Foundation Currently funds 60 NGOs to work in the sandbox area of northwestern karnataka in the fields of health,agriculture, and livelihoods.Primary goal is to build a critical mass of enabled NGOs.

NGOs Programs are,

1)Global exchange program

2)Executive development program.

3)Deshpande fellowship program

4)Technology in the sandbox

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Myself Vishwanath.B.Kudrimath from Belgaum had completed Post Graduation in Social Work.After completion of PG,worked as Guest faculty in Kuvempu University at Davangere branch and later worked as” Regional Resource Person” at KHPT Bangalore,before PG worked as “Community Facilitator”at Suldhal panchayat Belgaum District.

MY HOBBIES : Singing,Dancing,Playing Cricket,Watching movies..

MY GOAL: To be a good social worker and also an executive in big firm organization.

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